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Green Data Centre at Portsmouth, UK

PEER 1 Hosting’s Portsmouth data centre is the “greenest” data centre in the UK. Sited just over an hour away from London, it can help organisations across southern England to save energy and money, without sacrificing power or flexibility.

Our Portsmouth data centre is:

  • Energy efficient, which minimises your carbon liability
  • Specially designed especially for power-hungry, high-density hosting platforms
  • Customisable, for maximum flexibility



Minimal energy consumption

Building 5000 is the greenest data centre in the UK. So when you choose us as your hosting provider, you will significantly reduce your company’s carbon consumption. As carbon allowance payments under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme become a reality, our green approach will make a real difference to your bottom line.

Power for Intensive Computing

Building 5000 has 11MVA of available power, which is far more than the average data centre. So you can fit more processing power in less rack space without worrying about whether we can support your electrical power requirements

Customisable Space

The data centre is built using a modular ‘pod’ system. Each of these pods has its own electrical room, so that you can use your allocated space in whatever way suits your business’s needs best.

Intelligent Pricing Plans

Buying space in the traditional way does not suit everyone. If you want more flexibility, you can buy a power allocation for a flat rate per kW. Our racks range in power and cooling density from 2kW to 15kW, so opting for this approach means you can choose how you use that allocation.

Convenient Location

Portsmouth is ideally located for businesses based along the M3 corridor and is just an hour by car from London – perfect for colocation customers who need to upgrade or maintain their servers regularly.