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FastFiber Network™

Getting data to where it needs to be, fast and reliable over a fast internet network.

When you are considering which hosting provider to use you should be looking at factors such as their data centres, hardware, service level agreements (SLAs) and support functions. But what many organisations forget to consider is the network that the hosting providers employ to connect them to their end users, even though it’s often the networks that cause huge outages and long periods of downtime.

Because networks are so important, PEER 1 Hosting has invested a lot of time and money building a network that is solely for the use of PEER 1 Hosting and our clients. Our FastFiber Network was built by experts, and is run and constantly refined by our knowledgeable and experienced Network Operations Centre (NOC) team.

Very few hosting providers own their own networks and PEER 1 Hosting is the only provider to have successfully run one for over a decade. During that time we have created a 10Gbps network that is fast, redundant and resilient. It’s also intelligent – it can recognise potential traffic jams and latencies, and help our experts monitor data and reroute it so that it arrives as fast as possible.

The 25,000 miles of fibre that make up our FastFiber Network link together our 16 data centres and 19 points of presence in EMEA and North America. The whole network is only used by our hosting customers – we don’t share it or lease capacity to anyone else. And even though you share our FastFiber Network with all of our customers globally, our NOC can anticipate and mitigate potential issues that could affect your data, because it always knows what our other clients’ data needs are.


PEER 1 Hosting FastFiber Network


Features and Benefits

Being the owners of our own network offers our customers a lot of benefits, especially compared to those who are reliant on shared networks.

A Reliably Fast Network Backbone

More than 25,000 miles of fibre connecting 16 data centres and 19 points of presence (PoPs), our FastFiber Network only carries PEER 1 Hosting traffic. This keeps data paths uncluttered and therefore fast, not to mention secure.

Optimized Routing

Our intelligent network and our NOC experts proactively identify potential network obstacles and send your traffic down paths of least resistance. They can also counter the effects of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on your data and websites.

The Right Peering Partners

Even when your data leaves the FastFiber Network you can be confident that your data speed and performance will not fall because we are connected to over 1,500 network providers and multiple Tier 1 upstream operators.

AnyCast DNS

For fast Internet hosting take advantage of our AnyCast DNS service to enhance the speed of your data across our network.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Ready

As standards change, we develop our FastFiber Network to make sure that it provides what your business needs to work online.