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Server Security

Our secure hosting services are delivered and managed exclusively by ourselves. The buck stops here.

Security is all about vigilance, rigour and an obsessive concern with detail. At PEER 1 Hosting, it starts with ensuring that our physical infrastructure is resilient and that our processes are locked down tight. The measures of both infrastructure and process are covered in part in our third party compliance pages.

For many customers the server security process begins with an SSL certificate – a fundamental requirement for any company entering the ecommerce arena. Please don't forget to ask our sales team to arrange an SSL certificate if you need one and we can arrange one for you. To ensure that applications are secure, we are often asked to run Vulnerability Scans using tools that are approved by the PCI Security Standards Council. These scans checks for CGI abuses and vulnerabilities, backdoors and trojans, amongst a host of other flaws.

A dedicated or shared firewall is a must for any business-critical platform and PEER 1 Hosting can help to manage and maintain that firewall for you. Our Relentless Intrusion Detection service uses cloud technology to identify automated behaviour patterns that are often missed by standard network security products. And the expert eyes in our Network Operations Centre (NOC) are continuously on the look-out for such behaviour to provide true secure servers.

Naturally, the choices are ultimately yours. However, we always have our customers’ best interests at heart – so if you need help or advice on hosting security, please just reach out to our sales team.


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