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Managed GPU Servers

PEER 1 Hosting’s managed GPU servers allow you to maximise the performance of your applications on a fast, secure and reliable high-performance computing (HPC) platform. Using hosted GPU servers allows you to focus on your business while we manage the hardware, and also makes perfect sense financially. To find out more, chat to us now.

Affordable High Performance Computing

Running your own HPC environment is expensive and challenging. Although increasing volumes of data mean that many businesses face growing demand for the processing power supplied by GPU servers, the cost of setting up and supporting an in-house HPC infrastructure, including managing, scaling and upgrading it, is huge and difficult to justify. The alternative is a hosted GPU computing solution that’s built to suit your business, giving you the power you need without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Our Managed GPU Servers?

Based on NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU cards, our managed GPU servers provide the ultimate professional grade HPC solution. So, if your demand is steady, you have a consistently high volume of projects that require more HPC power or you require a customisable supercomputing infrastructure with professional management, our HPC servers offer the ideal solution. Not only do you benefit from GPU-based HPC computing resources, but our hosted solutions also let you specify additional services like load balancing, proprietary operating systems and sophisticated networking solutions.

All of this means that when you host your applications on our managed GPU servers, you can focus on your data while we supply and manage the supercomputing infrastructure. In short, our HPC computing solutions can replicate the infrastructure you need without the exorbitant expenses associated with procuring, building, managing, scaling and upgrading. No other HPC offering on the market can claim this, let alone deliver this.