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Nurturing Britain's Talent - are you satisfied with your job?

Businesses in the UK spend billions on recruiting talent each year. Once an employee walks through the door, how is that talent then nurtured, developed and rewarded?

What would it take to nurture Britain’s talent so it was optimised to its full potential? And how much more productive might UK businesses be if this potential was unleashed?

As part of its own commitment to unlocking the human potential of the internet, we commissioned a study to help answer these questions.

“We carried out this study to acquire a deeper sense of what is needed to help our colleagues realise their own full potential" said Dom Monkhouse.

“Like many businesses in Britain, one of the key factors in our own success is the ability to attract and retain talent, but our responsibility doesn’t end there. As an employer it is also vital that we nurture individuals and help them realise their own ambitions to be at their absolute best once they are in the business.

“This becomes a virtuous circle - unlocking potential and productivity whilst also making the working environment one that staff value.”

With the results of this study we have created an infographic that highlights the great need to nurture potential within the UK workforce. 


Nurturing Talent to achieve fullest potential


The most staggering statistic we’ve discovered is that only 10% of Brits are fully satisfied with their jobs and only one in seven people questioned feel that their employer nurtures their talent and potential.

There are a number of other findings that we discovered, which demonstrate the extent of the problem; 36% of employees feel that they could be at least twice as productive and nearly half of those questioned are not motivated by money. Instead a shocking 87% feel that they would be more motivated by more personal development and training opportunities.

The research highlighted the solution to unlocking potential in the UK workforce.

We’ve recently created a brand new EMEA HQ, which is designed by our staff, to motivate and inspire, along with additional benefits such as a training and development allowance, a personal development allowance and days off for long service. We are firm believers in nurturing the full potential of our team.

If you’re interested in any opportunities with us, please visit our careers page.

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