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Building relationships through football!
Jason Vigus
SWAT and Backup Manager

At Peer 1, we know how important it is to make new connections and maintain them.  We also understand how building relationships with local businesses is central to contributing to a better community.  That’s why, in spirit of the World Cup 2014, we are excited to play football match with our friends over at EtchUK today.

Ecommerce futures: Where Content meets Commerce
Stewart Robinson
Full Stack Entrepreneur

Ecommerce futures: Where Content meets CommerceWhat was the underlying theme of yesterday’s eCommerce Futures conference? I’d say it was the paramount importance of knowing your customer – and therefore of mastering the many techniques that now exist for extending and deepening that knowledge.

World cup online behaviour interview with Bloomberg
Sheila Bouman
Executive Vice President & Managing Director

World Cup fever has begun and already taken over. As technology changes in the blink of an eye, our consumer habits online have drastically changed with it, and especially since the last World Cup four years ago. But what will consumers be doing online this year?

3 Peaks Challenge
Liam Enticknap
Network Engineer

Peer 1 Hosting is collaborating with Prostate Cancer UKAt Peer 1, we are often inspired by our Peers to raise money for the different charities they are passionate about.  In the past, we’ve raised over £5,000 for a number of different charities, including Rowans Hospice, Kidney Research, Cystic Fibrosis, and the British Heart Foundation. 

Sam Hobbs
e-commerce & Digital Agency Relationship Manager

At Peer 1, we strongly believe in helping and supporting local businesses. We are proud sponsors for EtchUK,’s event Hacksoton, a hack event where everyone can share knowledge, make new connections and play with technology.

BBQFriday at Peer 1 Southampton Office

Great Place to Work 2014
Sarah Winter
Sales Manager

We are excited to announce that Peer 1 Hosting UK has once again been named one of the best places to work in the UK, this year reaching our highest position ever.

Peer 1 Hosting has been awarded as best place to work (again) for middle category 2014

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