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Nowadays, more and more organisations are seeing IT as a Service (ITaaS) as a viable model for addressing some of their biggest business and technology challenges.

And it makes sense: when implemented effectively, ITaaS can deliver enterprises a host of benefits – from reducing costs and complexities to boosting innovation and efficiencies. What often results is a more agile and flexible organisation, with a better ability to service a full range of stakeholders.   

You’ve just been told your biggest competitor is suffering from serious website management issues. Of course, you welcome their disheartened customers with open arms. But what if your site doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to deal with this surge in visitors? A great opportunity could very quickly become your worst nightmare.

IT professionals in the public sector will be well-aware of the government’s ‘G-Cloud’ initiative, designed to make it easier to procure cloud services. What you may not be aware of is that Peer 1 Hosting is listed as an official supplier for a number of cloud hosting services.

The security questions you need to ask your service provider
Mike Duncan
Information Security Manager

When purchasing security from a service provider it can be easy to assume that everything is being taken care of and it is no longer your responsibility. But, when something goes wrong do you really know what the processes are? Mike Duncan explains how to clear up any confusion in this video. 

The IT decision maker faces numerous challenges when adopting any technology. Ranging from budget restrictions to compliance standards, the life of the IT decision make is a challenging one. However, if successfully integrated, new technologies can make a tremendous impact on both the business bottom line and even employee satisfaction.

Safeguarding your business from common security compromises
Mike Duncan
Information Security Manager

Hackers often bypass security controls by targeting an entity, which can often be seen as a point of weakness within your existing security network.

More than often this weak point is your staff. Technology safeguards can be made redundant when employees are brought into the equation.

In this video we look at why businesses must provide greater staff education in order to protect critical business information and systems.

We recently held a Peer 2 Peer event for e-retailers, to uncover how curating content can engage customers and drive brand profile and sales. The event featured expert advice from panelists including: Cat Callender, content advisor to the British Fashion Council; Fiona McIntosh, co-founder of Blow Ltd; and Mats Nilsson, managing director of Polarn O. Pyret, UK Ireland.

The panelists shared their views on a range of topics including:

·      The importance of an omni-channel presence;

How can businesses mitigate the human security risk?
Mike Duncan
Information Security Manager

In recent years, companies have been reluctant to implement an internal security directive for staff that properly addresses the problem of phishing content and/or malicious attachments. This has resulted in costly breaches for companies, not only in monetary terms, but also for their reputations within their respective industries.

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