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Recently, I wrote a piece for Retail Online Integration about how some e-retailers struggle to pinpoint the cause of performance problems on their websites. In the article, I outlined a few signs that eCommerce businesses need to switch their hosting solutions to prevent unwanted headaches for shoppers. Below, I’ve shared the top three signs. You can also read the original seven, here.


Welcome to the hybrid future
Toby Owen
VP Product

Hybrid cloud has been an industry buzzword for the past few years, with the definition being the subject of much debate. However, hybrid cloud loosely entails the combination of cloud with some other technology. For instance, the combination of bare metal and virtual cloud servers, or a mixture of public and private services.

In the retail sector content marketing budgets are expected to increase over the next year by 60 per cent, according to figures from the Content Marketing Institute. So, if you’re not creating content to increase online sales, I have to ask, why not? This form of online marketing can add real value to your business.

Pavers puts its best foot forward
Mark Stephens
UK Sales Manager

Working with Magento partner Vaimo, we helped the UK’s leading comfort-footwear retailer,

Tackling The IT Skills Gap
Helen Ives
VP People

As soon as the General Election is decided in May, one immediate priority will be sorting out the UK’s digital strategy. With UK tech businesses set for booming growth at a staggering rate of 15 per cent (that’s four times the anticipated GDP for the entire country), we will need highly skilled workers to support the industry’s development and fill the new roles the growth will create.

With just a few weeks until Britain heads to the polls, mainstream political parties are scrambling over each other to demonstrate their credentials in the hope of standing out. Immigration, the NHS and foreign policy have grabbed most of the headlines, but dig a little deeper and we’re starting to hear more from the candidates around Britain’s digital future.

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