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Security tips for eCommerce sites
Tom Adams
Engagement Marketing Manger, Peer 1 Hosting

October and November were particularly ‘fruitful’ months for hackers with a large number of successful high profile cyber attacks, including TalkTalk and British Gas security breaches.

Bolstering your data protection
Tom Adams
Engagement Marketing Manger, Peer 1 Hosting

There are so many different routes for hackers these days that it might seem impossible to predict where the attacks might come from and how to guard against them.

We have hundreds of eCommerce customers that use the Magento platform. The most common customer queries we receive regarding Magento are security-related. In particular, we see issues arise when users don’t keep up-to-date with their software patches.   

These issues aren’t particularly surprising; traditionally, most open-source software, like Magento, has been relatively lax when it comes to patches.

Tomorrow, I am attending the European Online Retail Forum in Barcelona alongside a large contingent of eCommerce experts from across the globe. I will be doing a special presentation on how online retailers can catalyse eCommerce growth through making the right technology choices.   

Magento vs. Shopify
Daniel Beazer
Lone Analyst

New data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) earlier this week showed that UK consumers are more likely to purchase online than any other shoppers in the EU.

The report revealed that eight in ten Britons made an online purchase in 2014, putting eCommerce consumers in the UK well above the EU average of 50 per cent.

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