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What’s new in Magento 2.0?
Daniel Beazer
Lone Analyst

Competition within the eCommerce market has continued to intensify in recent years. Online customers expect their experience at the shopping cart to be quicker, easier and more seamless than ever before. And why shouldn’t they? Their choice of potential retailers is abundant. Customers who have sub-optimal shopping experiences will simply take their business elsewhere.

As such, eCommerce vendors need scalable, optimised and reliable hosting solutions to help their online storefront run smoothly.

Tips for SMEs looking to outsource IT
Daniel Beazer
Lone Analyst

It’s a good time to be a buyer if you are an SME. It is possible to do things that were unimaginable five years ago with even the smallest budget, and there are a number of productivity and line-of-business applications with entry-level versions that don’t require payment at all. But new solutions come with new problems in terms of management and security.

Putting the focus back on technology
Daniel Beazer
Lone Analyst

Much was made pre-election of the Government’s efforts to support the UK’s technology industry, from its announcement that £40m was to be invested in Internet of Things technologies through to large-scale demonstrator programmes, to news that £7.4m was to be granted to Britain&rsq

Nowadays, more and more organisations are seeing IT as a Service (ITaaS) as a viable model for addressing some of their biggest business and technology challenges.

And it makes sense: when implemented effectively, ITaaS can deliver enterprises a host of benefits – from reducing costs and complexities to boosting innovation and efficiencies. What often results is a more agile and flexible organisation, with a better ability to service a full range of stakeholders.   

You’ve just been told your biggest competitor is suffering from serious website management issues. Of course, you welcome their disheartened customers with open arms. But what if your site doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to deal with this surge in visitors? A great opportunity could very quickly become your worst nightmare.

IT professionals in the public sector will be well-aware of the government’s ‘G-Cloud’ initiative, designed to make it easier to procure cloud services. What you may not be aware of is that Peer 1 Hosting is listed as an official supplier for a number of cloud hosting services.

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