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Tackling The IT Skills Gap
Helen Ives
VP People

As soon as the General Election is decided in May, one immediate priority will be sorting out the UK’s digital strategy. With UK tech businesses set for booming growth at a staggering rate of 15 per cent (that’s four times the anticipated GDP for the entire country), we will need highly skilled workers to support the industry’s development and fill the new roles the growth will create.

With just a few weeks until Britain heads to the polls, mainstream political parties are scrambling over each other to demonstrate their credentials in the hope of standing out. Immigration, the NHS and foreign policy have grabbed most of the headlines, but dig a little deeper and we’re starting to hear more from the candidates around Britain’s digital future.

Preparing for the live debate…
Daniel Beazer
Lone Analyst

‘Cowering behind the sofa’,

Does the future of cyber security look like you?
Mike Duncan
Data Centre Operations Manager

Cyber security is looking to be the biggest issue on the boardroom agenda this year, and the landscape will continue to evolve. One constant, however, will be the high demand for security professionals.

Become a champion for change. We’re looking for a Senior Information Security Engineer to join the team, responsible for keeping Peer 1’s threefold guarantee of speed, service, and security.

The Online Election
Mark Stephens
UK Sales Manager

With the latest opinion polls showing that the outcome of the General Election is far from being decided, each political party is working down to the wire to attract more voters. An important demographic is young people, with only a 44 per cent turn out from the 18-24 age group in the last election.

Urgent: Magento Enterprise Security Patch
Mike Duncan
Data Centre Operations Manager

Our partner Magento, has informed us of an important security patch that should be deployed to all Magento Enterprise solutions as soon as possible.

This new patch addresses a potential security issue that allows an attacker to remotely execute code on Magento software using a specially crafted request, in order to steal valuable customer information, credit card details etc.  

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