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The Cost of Cheap Hosting
Sheila Bouman
Executive Vice President & Managing Director

We all need to stay one step ahead of the field in whatever we do. Hosting is no different – customers have a huge range of options available to them to boost their online presence and will soon look elsewhere if we take our feet off the pedal.

Creating a global community
Sam Burchett
People and Performance

The Internet has had a profound impact on the way we do business. It has generated tremendous opportunities that were not previously available and brought together communities that were previously never connected. Quite simply the Internet has changed the world in which we live in.

Good customer service is unforgettable
Toby Owen
VP Product

Some things are great the entire world over.  Take food for example.  Everywhere I’ve traveled in the world, I’ve found great food.  That’s not to say every place I’ve eaten has great food. But I have found great food in just about everywhere I’ve been.

#IRC14 – it’s a wrap!
Sam Hobbs
e-commerce & Digital Agency Relationship Manager

We took our place at the 2014 Internet Retailing Conference, UK’s longest running and high level strategic conference for online and multichannel retailing, to demonstrate how you can prepare for the future of online retailing.

Internet Retailing 2014
Sam Hobbs
e-commerce & Digital Agency Relationship Manager

We’ll be on hand at the 2014 Internet Retailing conference next week to showcase our range of hosting solutions for eCommerce businesses.

Who needs security when you can hire Gurkhas?
Cloud Gurkha
Mystery Author

In a year of mega breaches, security spending declines


JP Morgan’s admission that its entire customer base (that is two-thirds of all US households) was affected by a ‘cyber security’ attack is jaw dropping. But it’s only the latest in a long line of retail and ecommerce breaches over the last twelve months, with eBay, Home Depot, Target, and Tesco left red-faced by security lapses.  


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